Ballot Organization and Rules

Ballot Organization and Rules

Last Updated April 21, 2022

What Will Be on Your Ballot
You may only vote in contests and for questions corresponding to your precinct (and party in Federal/State Primary Elections), as listed in your sample ballot. For example, you may only vote for one of the Congressional candidates who will represent your district and whose name is in your sample ballot.

If you are currently registered, you may view and print what will be on your your specific ballot from our website by logging-in to Registered Voter Services and selecting View My Sample Ballot from the dropdown menu (when that information becomes available).

Voting will be EASIER for you and FASTER for everyone if you study, mark and bring your sample ballot with you when you vote. Do not wait until you are in the voting booth to review the information. 

Order of Contests, Names, and Questions in Federal/State Elections

Nevada law specifies the order of the contests, names, and questions on the ballot.

Office and Question Order
Partisan federal, state, and county offices appear first, nonpartisan state and county offices follow, City offices are next, township nonpartisan office are then listed, and ballot questions are last. (NRS 293.268)

Name Order
Candidates’ names are in alphabetical order by office and must meet legal requirements for the use of given names, surnames, and nicknames. (NRS 293.256293.2565293.263293.265, and 293.267)

Candidates with the Same Name
If two or more candidates have the same given name and surname, then their order on the ballot will depend on the following: (a) If none of the candidates is an incumbent, the middle names or initials, if any, of the candidates must be included; (b) If one of the candidates is an incumbent, the incumbent's name must be listed first and the word “Incumbent” must appear next to it (NRS 293.2565(2)).

"None of These Candidates" Option
You may vote for “None of These Candidates” in U.S. Presidential, U.S. Senate, and statewide contests, i.e., President / Vice-President of the United States, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Controller, Attorney General, Justice of the Supreme Court, and Court of Appeals Judge.  (NRS. 293.269)

Why a Contest or Candidate May or May Not Appear on an Election Ballot

NRS 293.260 covers when candidates and contests may appear or not appear on a ballot for a particular election.  Additionally, Special Districts and General Improvement Districts have specific statutes that pertain to them.  Click here for more detailed information.

No Write-In Candidates
Nevada law does not permit write-in candidates (NRS 293.270).

Municipal (City) Election Ballots
Individual cities may have additional rules that apply to municipal contests. Such rules vary by City. Check with your City Clerk for details.

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