About the PIE Program

About the PIE Program

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An essential component of the Desert Conservation Program (DCP) is a Public Information, Education, and Outreach program. Public information, education, and outreach efforts of the DCP focus on three themes: 

  1. Informing people of the purpose of the Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) and the roles and functions of the DCP; 
  2. Encouraging people to respect, protect, and enjoy the desert; and 
  3. Increasing public understanding of the value of Clark County's natural ecosystems. 
DCP staff accomplish these goals by implementing a wide variety of programs, further described below. 


Mojave Max is a live tortoise residing at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. His emergence every year indicates the beginning of spring-like weather in southern Nevada. Every spring, Mojave Desert reptiles, including the desert tortoise, respond to warmer weather and more daylight hours by emerging from their winter sleep. Through the efforts of the Public Information, Education, and Outreach program, Mojave Max has become a popular Southern Nevada icon. More information about Mojave Max can be found on his website at

Assembly Presentations
MoMax Assemb1Each year in January and February, the Mojave Max Education Team conducts a minimum of 12 Mojave Max Assemblies at various schools throughout Clark County reaching over 3,000 Clark County students. The assemblies include appearances by a Tortoise Educator who discusses desert tortoise biology, life cycle of the desert tortoise, and general facts about desert tortoises; a Weather Educator who discusses Mojave Desert weather, which plays an important part in Mojave Max's emergence; and the costumed Mojave Max mascot. Assemblies are interactive and prizes are given to students who correctly answer questions gleaned from the assembly presentation.

Applications to request a Mojave Max assembly at your school can be obtained at

Classroom Presentations MoMax Assemb 3
Teachers may request individual classroom programs which are ‘smaller’ versions of the Mojave Max assemblies. Students will enjoy a 45-minute lesson about the desert tortoise and its habitat, the Mojave Desert. The lesson also includes information about Mojave Desert weather, desert tortoise biology, the importance of desert conservation, and more about the Mojave Max Emergence contest. The presentation is fun, interactive, and curriculum-based. Teachers can request individual classroom programs by contacting our friends Get Outdoors Nevada 702-997-3350 or

Social Media 

Mojave Max has his own website! You can access and enjoy Mojave Max’s website by clicking on this link The website is filled with information about Mojave Max and the emergence contest, activity sheets, fun facts, and an interactive Kids Adventure page. There’s also lots of information and resources for teachers as well. 

Mojave Max also has a Facebook page. You can reach his page by clicking here We encourage everyone to check out Mojave Max’s page and give it a “LIKE” so you can follow Max on all of his adventures at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. His Facebook page has lots of information about Max and tortoises in general. We upload pictures of the Mojave Max School Assemblies as well as lots of other tortoise photos and videos. In addition there’s lots of information about the desert, hiking, and conservation. There’s also information about events that Max will be attending. 

You can also follow Max on Twitter @MojaveMax, Instagram @Mojave_Max, and TikTok @Mojave_Max. We share lots of newsworthy items about tortoises, the desert, hiking, and conservation activities.

Outreach Events 
DCP staff participate in various outreach events throughout the year. Some of those events have included the Trails Day event at Craig Ranch State Park, the Logandale County Fair, Earth Day events, parades, and various Open House events throughout Clark County. The Mojave Max Mascot makes appearances at many of these events, has great giveaways, and is available for pictures. 

Public Education 
DCP also produces education materials and runs outreach campaigns on a variety of environmental topics throughout the year. Some examples include public information and education videos promoting the messages of the DCP, construction contractor training videos informing contractors of what to do when they encounter a desert tortoise in the wild, “Stay on the Trails” campaign, and “Be a Responsible Desert User” campaign. The following materials and programs produced by the DCP have been nominated for Emmy Awards: 

  • Emmy Awards 2007 - Children Program The Life of a Desert Tortoise , Paul R Bean, Daniel Garrison, Joshua Tree Productions 
  • Emmy Nomination 2009 - Children – Program or Special Mojave Max Emergence Contest, Daniel Garrison, Joshua Tree Productions 
  • Emmy Awards 2012 - Children – Program or Special Desert Dude…or Doofus? , Daniel Garrison, Paul R. Bean, Joshua Tree Productions 

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