Desert Conservation Program

Desert Conservation no background - colorThe Desert Conservation Program implements actions to ensure survivability of covered species in the wild. These actions include research, acquisition of sensitive habitats, habitat restoration, public information and education, the Wild Desert Tortoise Assistance Line and installation and maintenance of fencing along roadways to reduce tortoise mortality.
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Clark County Sustainability Fellowship Opportunities

All-In Clark County is seeking Sustainability and Climate Action Fellows. All-In Clark County is an initiative to create a more sustainable community for the well-being and prosperity of all residents of Southern Nevada, today and into the future. Click here to learn more about the opportunities and for information on how to apply.

Mojave Max Emergence Contest is Underway!

Groundhog Day signals the unofficial countdown to spring. Here, in southern Nevada, that countdown includes the official “Mojave Max Watch.” Click here to learn more.

Tortoise 01Attention All Construction Personnel!
If you see a wild desert tortoise on a construction site, please call the Wild Desert Tortoise Assistance Line at 702-593-9027. The tortoise will be picked up, free of charge.

Construction Site Training
Please contact DCP if you would like to schedule a desert tortoise training session for your construction staff. We will explain what do to if you find a wild desert tortoise on your construction site. Training will be provided free of charge. Please contact DCP at 702-455-3536.