Reserve Use Requests

Reserve Use Requests

Requests for Third Party Activities on Reserve Units
While the primary purpose of the Desert Conservation Program (DCP) reserve system properties is to provide mitigation for loss of covered species and their habitat, there are a variety of other allowable activities in the reserve system. The types of allowable uses vary among the reserve system properties as do requirements for formal, written permission for certain activities. In general, activities on DCP reserve properties that disturb the soil outside of open roads and trails, remove rocks, vegetation, seeds or require handling or removal of animals (including insects or spiders) require written permission from the County*.

Request requirements
All requests must be made in writing or by email. Minimum request details include:
 • Requestor name and contact info,
 • Location of the activity,
 • Date of the activity (range of dates is OK),
 • Description and purpose of the activity,
 • Description of any ground or species disturbance, and
 • Description of collection of plant/animal/mineral or other materials.

Download the Reserve Use Request form and instructions here.

*Hunting: Hunting is allowed in the Boulder City Conservation Easement where allowable by state law and local ordinances. The DCP does not process hunting requests but defers to Nevada Department of Wildlife permits, rules, and regulations. Hunting is not an allowable activity in any other reserve property.

Best Management Practices
Best Management Practices describe the categories of disturbance that may be permitted within the Reserve System, requirements and guidelines for restoration of ground disturbances within the Reserve System properties, and the parameters for evaluating success of restoration activities. Any person or entity requesting use of a Reserve System property will be expected to adhere to the guidelines outlined in these documents.

Boulder City Conservation Easement Best Practices
Riparian Reserves Best Practices

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