Air Quality Complaints

Air Quality Complaints

Air Quality Complaint Hotline

Complaints for all air quality concerns may be submitted online, or via phone or email.  All complaints will be responded to within 24 hours or the next business day if received on a Friday.  Make sure you provide details about your concern such as the location, time, and source of emissions.  This will facilitate the department in investigating your complaint.  You can receive information on the inspection findings by including your name and contact information in the complaint.

: File a Complaint

(702) 385-DUST (3878)
Outside the local Las Vegas calling area:
Call (toll free) 1-866-407-6965)


Smoking Vehicle Hotline

Phone: (702) 642-SMOG (7664)

Off-Road Vehicle Complaints

Clark County Air Quality Regulations do not provide for enforcement actions against the off-road user. Illegal riding or trespassing should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. These include:

  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
  • Henderson Police Department
  • North Las Vegas Police Department
  • Boulder City Police Department
  • BLM – Bureau of Land Management

(702) 229-3111 or 311
(702) 267-4913 or 311
(702) 633-9111 or 311
(702) 293-9224 or 311
(702) 293-8998




Clark County Air Quality Regulations require that landowners maintain their vacant property in a stable condition. Disturbed vacant land is considered to be a major contributor of dust pollution in Clark County. If the vacant lot is out-of-compliance with Air Quality Regulations, the property owner will be contacted to take corrective actions to bring the vacant land parcel into compliance.

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