Dust Control Permitting Portal, Forms & Requirements

ANNOUNCEMENT – Change to DCOP Issuance Process, Effective April 15, 2022

Effective April 15, 2022, the required fees for a DCOP will be requested prior to the issuance of the DCOP. The application process and submittal will remain the same. Once the AQ permit reviewer has completed their review, an automatic email will be generated with the requested payment amount, invoice number, and link to the payment voucher (for Dust Permitting Portal users). The email will be sent to the application submitter and Responsible Official.
DCOP Requires Payment Email
Once the payment is made, DAQ will issue the DCOP.
Please be advised that if payment for an application is not received within 30 days of application review and request for payment, the application will be canceled.

Dust Control Permitting Portal for Online Submission of Dust Control Applications & Forms

A Dust Control Operating Permit is required for soil disturbing or construction activities 0.25 acres or greater in overall area, mechanized trenching one hundred (100) feet or greater in length, or for mechanical demolition of any structure one thousand (1,000) square feet or larger, or for Temporary Commercial Activities 0.25 acres or greater in overall area.

To complete and submit a Dust Control Operating Permit (DCOP) application online, click on the link below. 

Dust Control Permitting Portal

Instructions/informational documents are also available below.

If you need further assistance, please contact an Air Quality Specialist at the Department of Environment and Sustainability, Division of Air Quality's (DAQ) main office at 702-455-1524 or by email at aqdcp@clarkcountynv.gov.

To complete a paper closure of a DCOP, click on the appropriate link below. Submit your completed form to aqdcp@clarkcountynv.gov, in person at the DAQ front counter, or by mail to 4701 W. Russell Rd., Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89118. 

In browsers other than Internet Explorer download the form by right-clicking the link, selecting "Save link as" and opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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Applications & Forms6 documents

  • Dust Palliative Information Form
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  • DCOP/IDCOP Closure Form
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  • Construction Site Dust Control Monitor Form
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  • Record of Daily Dust Control for Construction Activities – Dust Monitor Use
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  • Dust Monitor Class Registration Form
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  • Dust Class Registration Form
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AQ Map Assistant

The AQ Map Assistant is an online mapping program. It can be used to access the dust permit layer for all active Dust Control Operating Permits as well as Assessor parcel maps. The application also has a draw function which allows the user to measure areas and distance. Prior to submitting a DCOP application, please review the area on the AQ Map Assistant to verify that it is not already permitted. Please click on the links below to access the AQ Map Assistant and instructions in video and PDF format.

Dust Control Requirements

Select this link to download Section 92 (Fugitive Dust from Unpaved Parking Lots and Storage Areas) of the Clark County Air Quality Regulations. One of the control measures that can be used to meet the stabilization standards for new unpaved storage areas is the application of Alternative Asphalt Paving. This option must be approved by DAQ in writing before it is implemented.

Select this link to download Section 94 (Permitting and Dust Control for Construction and Temporary Commercial Activities) of the Clark County Air Quality Regulations.

Sign Design & Posting

Listed below are recommendations for minimum sign sizes, posting guidance and various sign examples. Please follow the recommendations used in Sign Design & Posting.