Smog-Free Clark County Vehicle Repair Program

Smog-Free Clark County Vehicle Repair Program

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Don't Get Exhausted! Repair Your Vehicle to Pass a Smog Check!

Beginning January 2023, owners of vehicles registered as “classic cars,” “classic rods” or “old timers” will be required to hold classic vehicle insurance policies. All other vehicles in Clark County must pass a smog check in order to receive a Nevada license plate. Vehicles designated as classic cars/classic rods are not required to pass a smog check. However, they are limited to being driven 5,000 per year.

Over the past decade, Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles saw the number of vehicles in the classic vehicle category increase from 5,000 to 32,000…and many of those vehicles are not truly “classic” cars. They’re simply older vehicles that can’t pass a smog check.

Smog-Free Clark County —The Clark County Vehicle Repair Program


We are providing assistance to those with a financial need to get their vehicles repaired and back on the road. Go to to learn more about our vehicle repair program.

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The Three Plate Types

NV Plate Classic Vehicle SMALL Classic Vehicle: Vehicle manufactured 25+ years ago with original parts or replacement parts that duplicate original parts.
NV Plate_Classic Rod SMALL Classic Rod: Vehicle manufactured 20+ years ago, but not earlier than 1949 with a manufacturer’s rated capacity of 1 ton or less.
NV Plate_Old Timer SMALL Old Timer: Any motor vehicle manufactured 40+ years ago, including motorcycles.

What It Means for You
For owners of a legitimately classic vehicle—a fully restored 1957 Thunderbird, for example—chances are they’re already carrying specialty coverage. For everyone else, it means you’re vehicle must pass a smog check to be registered, beginning in 2023.



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