Proposed Revisions

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Proposed Revisions

This notice is being provided for interested parties in an effort to ensure all stationary sources that maintain a valid Air Quality Operating Permit, and all current holders of a Dust Control Permit issued by Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability, Division of Air Quality receive advance notice of the upcoming updates to the fee schedules.

In Review

The documents provided below are in Public Review. 

NEW Section 100 - Consumer Products & Adhesives DRAFT
     Test Method
 Workshop Presentation - Feb. 8, 2023

NEW Section 101 - Architectural & Industrial Material Coatings DRAFT
     Test Methods
 Workshop Presentation - Feb. 9, 2023

REVISED Section 92 - Fugitive Dust from Unpaved Parking Lots and Storage Areas CLEAN  REDLINE
REVISED Section 94 - Fugitive Dust Control for Construction and Temporary Commercial Activities and Stationary Sources  CLEAN  REDLINE