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Mule Deer Enhancement Oversight Committee

Mule Deer Enhancement Oversight Committee



Mule Deer Enhancement Program (MDEP) - NDOW initiated this program in response to decades of downward trending mule deer numbers and degradation of mule deer habitat.  It is a Collaborative effort to conserve, improve mule deer habitat and minimize factors limiting healthy mule deer population.    A strategic effort to assess, research, and identify limiting factors and may ultimately assist in achieving the goal of improving mule deer populations and lead to more broad scale prescriptions for managing this important game species for Nevada.  

 Oversight Committee Members:
Wildlife Commissioner: Casey Kiel (Chair)
           Wildlife Commissioner: Tom Barnes (Vice Chair)
Wildlife Commissioner: Shane Rodgers
Wildlife Commissioner: Jon Almberg
Nevada Muley's Association: Jim Rackley
Resource Specialist: Jeremy Drew
USDA Rangeland Scientist: Charlie Clements
Nevada Bighorns Unlimited: Josh Vittori
Meadow Valley Wildlife Unlimited: Cory Lytle
BLM Deputy State Director for Resources: Alan Shepherd
US Forest Service Wildlife Program Manager/Forest Wildlife Biologist: Kris Boatner
NDOW Staff to Oversight Committee: Cody Schroeder, Mike Scott, Alan Jenne


Mule Deer Herd History and Overview of Limiting Factors, June 2022
Agendas Meeting Minutes
06-09-22 AGENDA Clark County MDEP Subcommittee 06-09-22 Meeting Minutes MDEP Subcommittee
06-30-22 AGENDA Clark County MDEP Subcommittee 06-30-22 Meeting Minutes MDEP Subcommittee
07-14-22 AGENDA Clark County MDEP Subcommittee  

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