2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

Ozone Exceedance Days Cut in Half; Permitting, Compliance Sections Stay Busy
2022 Clark County Air Quality Year in Review

Ozone exceedance days were cut in half in 2022, compared to 2021, while dust exceedance days increased. That’s according to year-end data gathered by Clark County’s Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES). DES Division of Air Quality officials believe the ozone decreases were due largely to the lack of wildfire smoke influence last year.

“In four of our previous five summers, wildfire smoke heavily influenced ozone formation in the region,” said Paul Fransioli, senior air quality forecaster. “Our exceedance days were caused by a combination of factors: homegrown pollutants such as vehicle exhaust, summer sun and heat, weather patterns and transport of pollutants from other regions.”

In 2022, DAQ recorded 14 days when ozone levels exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s health-based, national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS); down from 28 exceedance days in 2021.

Dry conditions in outlying areas combined with high wind events last year led to eight days when PM10 (dust) exceeded the EPA’s NAAQS; an increase over 2021’s total of three PM10 exceedance days. High winds and blowing dust are familiar to people in Clark County, but the ongoing drought may be partially responsible.

“Much of the dust we saw last year was the result of wind picking up dust in the desert and blowing it into the Vegas valley,” said Fransioli.

Overall, 2022 was a busier year for DES. Its Permitting section registered increases in active operating permits, permits applications received and permits issued from 2021. The Compliance section’s Air Quality Hotline answered and resolved more calls in 2022 than 2021. Compliance also conducted more construction and stationary source inspections and issued more construction permits last year than 2021.

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