All-In Overview


It’s Time We Go ALL-IN Clark County

Whether you are here to celebrate, raise a family, or build your career, we all want our community of Clark County to be one thing: sustainable. A sustainable Clark County includes much more than just clean air and water. It is also more affordable housing and clean energy, diverse jobs, and a livable climate.

All-In Clark County is our action to address climate change and create a more sustainable future for all. Our plan will take a smart, bold, and inclusive approach to creating a sustainable community for the well-being and prosperity of all, today and for future generations.

Why Now?
As Southern Nevada fights to rebuild its economy after COVID-19 and anticipates adding another 820,000 residents by 2060, it does so in the midst of unprecedented threats from climate change. This challenge demands bold action to ensure Clark County’s future is healthy, livable, prosperous, and climate resilient. The good news is that all the solutions we need to endure and embrace the changes ahead exist today. With All-In Clark County, we are committing to a healthy, sustainable community for our current and future residents.






Collective Action for a Sustainable Clark County

Clark County will be a national leader in reducing its contribution to climate change and preparing its residents and businesses for the impacts associated with climate change. The County Operations Sustainability and Climate Action Plan has established goals in five key focus areas.




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