Clean Cities Coalition

Clean Cities Coalition

Southern Nevada Clean Cities Coalition

Our Vision
To drive Southern Nevada forward as a leader in clean transportation.

Clark County is pursuing designation from The Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Coalition. Clean Cities is a national network dedicated to the economic, environmental, and energy security of the country and works with coordinators at the local level to promote petroleum fuel reducing methods in their communities.
Clark County will work in partnership with vehicle fleets, fuel providers, municipalities, trade unions, community organizations, and more, to find and implement strategies that reduce petroleum use in our region.
Supporting its members and community in the transition to alternative fuels and vehicles, the Southern Nevada Clean Cities Coalition will offer various educational projects. Examples include technical trainings, electric vehicle “Ride and Drives,” webinars, and community events.

Our Mission
Southern Nevada Clean Cities Coalition improves air quality and reduces petroleum dependency with the use of alternative fuels, vehicles, and infrastructure. Leading by example, the coalition serves as a resource to the community to ensure its future resiliency and economic viability.

Why Get Involved?

  • Access funding only available to Clean City Coalitions
  • Receive technical support for fleet transition
  • Exchange information and resources
  • Inform public policy
  • Advance alternative fuel options
  • Collaborate on transportation projects
  • Educate the public
  • Help the region reach its sustainabilty goals
  • Enjoy cleaner air by reducing pollution and greenhouse gases


Interested in becoming a member? Contact us for more information.


Southern Nevada Clean Cities Coalition is a Sustainable Transportation Initiative within Clark County’s All-In Sustainability and Climate Action Plan.




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