Holiday Climate Conversations

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Family-&-Friends-Guide_COVER-smallEngaging Family and Friends Over the Holidays
This holiday season, there will be many opportunities for conversations with family and friends. For chats around the dinner table or on video chat, bringing up climate change can feel a bit daunting. Here in Clark County, the vast majority of us believe global warming is real, and it is having an impact on our communities. Yet very few of us discuss it, even occasionally. We know we all should be talking about climate change – so why aren’t we? Everyday conversations about climate change; with friends, families, coworkers and those close to you are not always easy, and it often seems overwhelming to even know where to start.

Through the All-In planning process, Clark County has created this guide to help you start constructive conversations about the climate crisis. It provides you with frameworks and discussion questions that will aim to link climate action to the values your family and friends hold. Conversations become a great tool to bring out this underlying support and help people become more informed and confident in their abilities to take climate action.

Click here to download.