Stay Cool Clark County

We know summers are hot in Southern Nevada. After all, it’s in a desert. But did you know five of the past six years have been the hottest on record for Clark County? Summers are starting earlier, staying longer and exceeding 100ׄ° F more often.

Days exceeding 100 degreesExtreme heat days—days with temperatures exceeding 106° F—are projected to increase in Clark County. Currently, we experience about four extreme heat days per year. By 2064, that number could increase to 23 – 30 extreme heat days.

Staying cool in Clark County can be challenging, especially because not everyone experiences heat the same way.  Due to the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, some of our neighborhoods are hotter than others.  Although our extreme temperatures impact our vulnerable residents the most, everyone is exposed to extreme heat here in Clark County.

With, we and our partners throughout the region are striving to make it easier for everyone to escape extreme heat.

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