Sustainability & Climate Action Plan

All-In Clark County

Dear fellow Clark County residents,

KirkpatrickIn 2019, the Clark County Board of Commissioners made recommendations that Clark County develop and adopt its first ever Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to All-In Clark County, our initiative to create a sustainable community for the well-being and prosperity of all, today and into the future. This plan is a comprehensive roadmap aimed at increasing the sustainability of our County’s internal operations and represents the first step in what will be a multi-phased, multi-year effort. It’s our way of looking inward at what we can be doing better within our operations to lead the southern Nevada region toward a more sustainable future.

The impacts of climate change are very real, and they are upon us. As of the writing of this plan (December 2020), 100% of our state’s population is experiencing drought and Las Vegas is the fastest warming city in the country. As a county set in the deserts of the southwest, we know what’s at stake with our water and energy supply and intensifying urban heat island impacts. This plan recognizes those unique challenges. Clark County has worked hard to build resilience into our social, economic, and environmental systems, but to achieve long-term success, we need to do more. It’s a long road ahead of us to ensure Clark County thrives in the face of these challenges brought on by climate change, and All-In Clark County is the next step to us getting there.

Additionally, All-In Clark County comes at a time where we’ve had to become the most adaptive and nimble to changing scenarios we’ve ever been. COVID-19 has taught us new ways of thinking, working, and operating so that we can continue to serve our community well. This plan lays the groundwork for how we can integrate that thinking into all that we do, so that we can be prepared for any kind of future event.

On behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, I am proud to launch this County effort. But we can’t do this alone. We need action from all of our County leaders, employees, and partners, in order to successfully implement this plan. With your support, we can ensure Clark County is resilient, resourceful, and ready in the face of challenges.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick
Board of County Commissioners


Click here to download the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan
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