Assistant Fire Chief Dan Heenan

manAssistant Fire Chief Dan Heenan was appointed on Jan 15, 2018, and is responsible for the Fire Investigation Division. A graduate of Rancho High School, Chief Heenan was hired as an ATF Special Agent in 1988 and served for 30 years with that agency before retiring. Chief Heenan began his ATF career in San Francisco where he was responsible for firearms, narcotics, explosives and arson investigations for nine years. During this time, he was a member of the ATF Special Response Team for seven years, the last four of which were as the team sniper. Follow those year, he spent 20 years in the Las Vegas office as the ATF's Certified Fire Investigator for the State of Nevada. He traveled throughout the United States and foreign countries assisting in the origin and cause determination of fires as well as teaching the fire investigation community regarding origin and cause investigations.

Chief Heenan was a member of the ATF National Response Team for 18 years and was selected as the Team Leader for the NRT in 2013. Chief Heenan served as the president for the International Association of Arson Investigators in 2015; was on the Board of Directors for 10years; has served as Chairman of the IAAI Training and Education Committee for six years; and currently serves as the co-chairman for the committee. He also is a member on the NFPA 1033 committee. He is an IAAI-CFI and an IAAI- CI as well as a Member of the Forensic Science Society of London.