El Rancho Hotel Fire Gallery

The El Rancho Vegas Hotel burned to the ground on June 17, 1960. It was one of the most horrific and historic fires in the history of resort destination. This gallery contains images of the devastation captured on that summer day. The hotel was never rebuilt. See more on this story.
(Photo credit and copyrights to all images is that of the Las Vegas News Bureau/Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.)
8418-6 - Hotel Front Mod-min
8418-11 _ Fire ladder Mod-min
8418-12 - El Rancho Pool photog edge Mod-min
8418-2-Porte Cochere Mod-min
8418-7- El Rancho Front Mod-min
8418-5 - El Rancho Guests Parking Lot Mod-min
8418-4 - Guest Outside After Fire Mod-min
8418-8 - El Rancho Hotel Rubble Photographer Mod-min
8418-10- El Rancho Rubble Mod-min
8418-15 - El Rancho Rubble 2 Mod-min
8418-9 - El Rancho Burnt Property Mod-min
8418-1- El Rancho Pool Mod-min
8418-13 -Pool 2 Mod-min
8418-14 - Pool 3 Mod-min