Message From Chief Steinbeck


The year 2020 was the most challenging in the history of the Clark County Fire Department.

The COVID-19 pandemic added complexity to every division, and we were faced with challenging obstacles to our ability to provide service. Like the rest of the world, the citizens of Clark County not only had to deal with loss, illness, and lockdown restrictions, but also endured the worst economic impact in the nation. With all those challenges, our citizens and visitors needed to know they could count on CCFD to provide needed uninterrupted emergency services.

CCFD not only continued to provide the highest level of fire, EMS, and rescue services, but also was a leader in the community for pandemic response. CCFD coordinated and provided multiple new services including large-scale COVID-19 testing, vaccination sites, PPE logistical support, and long-term community recovery operations.  The men and women of the Clark County Fire Department performed remarkably under the most stressful circumstances. Each day our personnel faced increased individual risk, personal protective equipment limitations, and reductions in resources. The commitment to service from each member of our staff was unwavering and served the community far beyond immediate emergency needs. I could not be more proud of every member of our department.

John Steinbeck
Fire Chief
Clark County Nevada (@ClarkCountyNV) / Twitter

newspaper  NEWS UPDATE

The Clark County Fire Department is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated and the BOOSTER shot. Getting vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus not only protects you, but also those around you. You can follow this link to get more information on COVID-19, and locations to get safe, effective and free COVID-19 vaccinations.