I Need To/How Do I?

I Need to

I need to schedule a community event at my local fire station.
I need a copy of my incident report.
For a fee, you may obtain a copy of an incident report by submitting a completed Incident Report Request Form at the following site:
Incident Report Request Form
I need help with obtaining a KNOX Box.
General Information: 
Please review the following information:
Fax your request for a KNOXBOX to: 702-734-6111
I need to replace my smoke alarm
I need to speak with a fire investigator.
Fire Investigations/Arson:  (702) 732-7949
I need a fire permit.
To inquire about obtaining a fire permit, contact Clark County Building & Fire Prevention at: 
Fire Permit Inquiry
Phone: 702-455-7316
Complaints - Building & Fire Prevention
To report a fire code violation contact the Clark County Fire Prevention Bureau at the following site:
Options for Disposal of Ammunition

How Do I

How do I become a Volunteer fire fighter?
How do I apply for a fire fighter job?
Individuals interested in becoming a Firefighter are encouraged to submit a Job Interest Card on-line at 

For additional information contact the Clark County Human Resources office @ 702-455-4565 or the Firefighter Recruitment Hotline @ 702-455-2233
How do I apply for the Fire Explorer Program?
How do I dispose of hazardous waste?
Office of Emergency Management - HazMat Response

Phone: (702) 455-5710

How do I dispose of my fire extinguisher?
How do I dispose of fireworks debris?
How do I report water leaking from hydrant - Water Waste
How do I obtain a free smoke alarm with installation