Human Resources

Human Resources

CGermanyMessage from the HR Director, Curtis Germany

Clark County is one of the largest employers in Nevada with more than 10,000 team members and counting. The Human Resources (HR) team is committed to attracting and retaining top talent to service its more than 2 million residents, as well as millions of annual visitors. We are dedicated to ensuring consistent and equitable hiring practices that lead to a dynamic and diverse organization that embodies the spirit of our community. Once employees come onboard the HR team works to ensure that the work experience is safe, inclusive, and fulfilling.

imageThe HR team supports 38 County Departments and provides guidance to ensure that each County employee can work in an environment that allows them to be their best self, and apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to add value to the community. In partnership with the Departments, we strive to provide an employee experience that allows employees to reach their full capabilities.   

Consistency, confidentiality, and timeliness are essential to an effective HR department. Our pledge to the residents of Clark County is to exceed your expectations and to become an award-winning employer of choice in the Valley. While we are a large organization, it is not uncommon to hear our team members referred to as family. If you’re interested in joining the family, please visit our Job Openings page for the current list of opportunities available.

We are your Clark County Human Resources team, and we are here for you.


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