Clark County Information Technology Internship Program

Clark County Information Technology Internship Program

The Information Technology Department (IT) provides core technology services that support the business needs of County departments.  IT Department services are designed to improve government access, efficiency, and public value through responsive service, integrated information, and a shared infrastructure that is cost-effective, secure and reliable. Our department supports hundreds of solutions and successfully completes dozens of projects every year in support of the delivery of services to the public through the 38 County Departments.

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Our Internship Program Objectives, Goals, and Mission
Clark County Information Technology’s internship program is centered on the learning objectives related to the interns' academic/career goals.  Our goal is to provide real world experiences to potential intern candidates that will help them to excel in their careers while reaching audiences that can make substantial contributions to the mission and goals of Clark County Information Technology. Our mission is to empower high school, college and vocational students to build up their skills through our internship program. We strive to provide a safe and structured internship program for career exploration and skill development.

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Activate your internship status by submitting your cover letter and resume.  In the cover letter, please indicate your area of interest.

Potential candidates will have an opportunity to interview for the position. One of our internship coordinators will contact you to schedule an interview.

Selected candidates will have an opportunity to work alongside a team of professionals across multiple disciplines including development, analysis, quality assurance, project management, cybersecurity, infrastructure, data center operations, cloud platforms, help desk and field support, and leadership.  

We coordinate and connect interns with mentors to help students learn their skill and actions.  This enables interns to understand the career that they may be interested in joining in the future.  We offer internships in various areas of our department.  Potential candidates, based on their cover letter, will be paired up with the opportunity to work in their area of interest. 


Time commitment  

Our internship programs are 17 and 23 weeks long.  During the academic year, interns typically work 20 hours per week. High school intern can work during the summertime.  However, we offer flexible hours as we understand that their education is a priority. Please note that transportation will not be provided, and if selected for an internship, you will be responsible for your own transportation.  In addition, these internships are excluded from remote work, and you will be required to work in-person. 

Recruitment Cycles

High School Internships
May 15th - August 15th
(Resume Submission Deadline April 10th)
**We are unable to extend deadlines. **

December 15th – March 15th

June 15th - November 15th
(Resume Submission Deadline April 10th)
**We are unable to extend deadlines. **

December 15th - May 15th

Tech Impact Internship 
April 1st - 17-week internship
(Resume Submission Deadline Feb 5th)
**We are unable to extend deadlines. **

July 22nd - 17-week internship
(Resume Submission Deadline June 3rd)
**We are unable to extend deadlines. **

November 18th - 17-week internship
(Resume Submission Deadline September 30th)
**We are unable to extend deadlines. **

"There is no substitute really for learning about the world of work and being in the world of work. You can do that through internship. You can do it through summer job experiences or even from volunteer jobs in your local community. Strive early to get some kind of practical work experience."

- Alexis Herman

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