Digital Engagement and Services

Digital Engagement and Services

A hallmark of becoming an innovative, dynamic and Smart Community is direct engagement with the community. Interacting with citizens through various methods including web access, mobile access and other portals is essential as technology expands to offer additional means of transacting with the County. As such, IT is committed to partnering with County agencies to provide more County services online, additional mobile and online services, as well as improving the existing County website and portals.  IT is also working to ensure public Wi-Fi is available at County facilities.

Clark County is committed to becoming a data-driven organization. Around the world, we are seeing communities utilize data in novel ways. For example, cities are utilizing Predictive Analytics help identify where crimes are likely to take place and as a result proactively increase patrol in those locations to prevent crime.

As the IT partner to our agencies, we are focused on facilitating data sharing across the County, with citizens, and other County stakeholders. The preponderance of data that exists across the region should be harnessed and used to make better decisions and solve problems facing our community.

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