Notice For Landlords and Tenants
The CDC's (Center of Disease Control) moratorium regarding non-payment of rent for residential summary eviction actions (NRS 40.253) has been extended to July 31, 2021 at 11:59pm. (Declaration of Emergency Directive 43). For more information on how COVID-19 is affecting the eviction process in Nevada, please see "Evictions, Mortgage/Rent and Housing" section on this website: Governor's Orders

-Supreme Court ADKT 0567 Eviction Mediation
-Government Rental Assistance Information in English
-Government Rental Assistance Information in Spanish

Forms for Landlords and Tenants:
-CDC Order Information and Link to Form
-Eviction and Housing Forms
-Tenant Declaration Governor's Directive 036
-Lease Addendum Promissory Note Governor's Directive 036

Eviction mediation program for assistance to Nevada homeowners affected by COVID-19 pandemic:

-Home Means Nevada Website
-Email Home Means Nevada
-Renter Connect
-Renter Resources

Clark County CARES Housing Assistance Program


Justice Court, Goodsprings Township has one Justice of the Peace elected for a six-year term. Justice Court hears probable cause, arraignments, preliminary hearings, misdemeanor and traffic trials, bond forfeitures, evictions, small claims and civil matters where the amount in controversy does not exceed $15,000. Other duties performed by the Justice of the Peace include setting bail, issuing search warrants, summonses, protective orders and arrest warrants.