Remote Appearance

Request a Remote Appearance

Download the Remote Appearance Request form for Henderson Justice Court. The Court will review your request and, if approved, determine the appropriate technology to be used. This could be an audio/video connection or a telephonic only connection. 

Remote Appearance Request Form

Submitting Requests

To submit a request please complete the above linked "Remote Appearance Request Form" and email a completed copy to
Invitation to Remote Appearance

Once approved you will receive an invitation in your email from the Henderson Justice Court with the necessary information to connect to your Remote Appearance. Please refer any questions pertaining to your request to

Connecting to Remote Appearance

Connecting from a Computer for video Appearance PDF Instructions - Instructional Video

Connecting From a Phone or Tablet for video appearance(Always download the app first) iPhone App   Android App

If approved to appear via telephone, an appointment will be emailed to you. In the appointment request will be the telephone number and access code.