Does my child needs a permit to work?

​How do I reschedule my son/daughter's court date?

Who do I speak to about my son/daughter's Citation?  Where should I go to speak to someone?

My child is out of control.  What are my options?

My child is starting to misbehave.  I have no control over son/daughter.  May I leave my son/daughter at Juvenile Detention or Spring Mountain Youth Camp (SMYC)?

I would like to tour juvenile detention in order to scare my son/daughter into behaving.

How do I become emancipated?

What are the procedures for getting a Work Permit?

What is the Adult Probation Phone Number?

How do I contact the Clark County Adult Detention Center?

How do I file a grievance on behalf of a child in Juvenile Detention or Spring Mountain Youth Camp?

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