About Us

About Us

Office of Diversity


Message from the OOD Director:

Individuals from various racial, cultural, and educational backgrounds have chosen to live here.

Our County workforce is to reflect the community we serve. To that end, County Department Heads are committed to being proactive in their recruitment programs. One goal is to take advantage of the wealth of talent and innovations that are inherent in individuals from various backgrounds.

The Office of Diversity works with all Departments and the County's Office of Human Resources to develop and/or enhance programs, policies and procedures that support equal employment opportunities for all.

Core Services & Initiatives

Diversity in Employment

To provide services to all County departments, various community groups and to county citizens to enhance the organizational goal to have a workplace that reflects the community. To assist in promulgating policies/work rules that do not undermine this goal. Take steps to ensure that there are no artificial barriers in recruitment/hiring policies and processes; promotions; or to the full enjoyment of all other terms and conditions and benefits of employment. To be proactive in promoting diversity in employment competencies in the areas of policymaking, training, community outreach efforts and conflict resolution.

Title VII and ADA Compliance

The OOD provides services to all County Departments and citizens involving compliance with all Federal and State fair employment laws (non-discrimination laws: e.g., Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended; the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990); Title VI and Section 504/Title II. The work of the OOD includes facilitating training, investigation of complaints, assessing employee ADA accommodation needs, and interacting with Fair Employment Practice Agencies.

Our Diversity Objectives Include:

  • Promoting the value found in a diverse workforce;
  • Continuing our proactive steps in recruiting, hiring, training, and promoting a diverse group of individuals who are representative of the Clark County community, to provide quality services to the citizens of the community;
  • Sponsoring, promoting, coordinating and/or facilitating diversity and EEO compliance training for managers and staff to ensure an inclusive workforce with equal opportunity and respect for all;
  • Reinforcing the County's policies of zero tolerance of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability status or sexual orientation and zero tolerance of sexual harassment;
  • Working closely with the various County Departments to enhance or develop and implement departmental diversity action plans; • Developing and implementing an alternative dispute resolution process (non-adversarial) for resolving discrimination complaints;
  • Forming partnerships with community leaders to engage a process for participation in the County's open government practices; and,
  • Facilitating a Children of Clark County Program that fosters their interest in community and public service work (e.g., internships; mentoring programs; Children of Clark County talent and academic competitions). Clark County and its diverse work teams can serve as a model for successful workplace diversity. Our progressive journeys will be increasingly successful because of each of you.

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