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Aaron Neubert Architects+studioSTIGSGAARD is a professional team with over 25 years of architectural, art, and research collaboration. Having partnered on a diverse portfolio of site-specific projects – spanning museums and institutional facilities, art and gallery installations, hotels and restaurants, creative offices, private residences, and multi-family housing – our work is founded in empathy, creativity, and a desire to bring to life truly beautiful and impactful experiences. We believe that through sincere engagement, analysis, and consideration of the 1 October Memorial Committee’s achievements and the application of a thoughtful, conceptually rigorous approach, we can collectively create an environment reflecting the spirit of the community, while facilitating an enduring healing process. Collaboration is at the core of our methodology, and in this case, will be the guiding principle to ensure community input is imbedded within our memorial proposal.  Continue Reading...

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Community Engagement Continued...

From experience gained through prior projects, we understand the potential diversity of physical and emotional reactions to the events of 1 October. Therefore, our team will work closely with the 1 October Memorial Committee facilitating conversations with the victims’ families, survivors, first responders, and the community. Because the events of 1 October will remain a transformational moment at the core of this community, engagement with all voices is essential to ensuring the authenticity of the memorial, achieving the potential for reflection, remembrance, and healing that it offers and realizing the capacity to educate the public as to the significance of the event.  Our team – led by Aaron Neubert, FAIA, Martin Stigsgaard, MAA, and Las Vegas office director Darrell Neubert – is emotionally and intellectually committed to the process of designing this memorial with a community-first approach that achieves the objective of providing a healing space of remembrance and offering an opportunity for unity of understanding and empathy towards those affected. 

The work of the 1 October Committee and other organizations, as well as the previous memorials – temporary or permanent – set the precedent for our community engagement, as they will allow movement forward in an informed manner towards the success of the final memorial. We will remain responsive to changing parameters and challenge all assumptions to ensure those affected by the tragedy and the community that came to their aid are respectfully honored. While this undertaking will naturally evolve, we have identified the following provisional points of stakeholder feedback: 1. Confirmation of the required programmatic and thematic elements and overall parameters of the memorial with stakeholders (1 October Memorial Committee, representatives from identified 1 October-related groups and sub-groups, community leaders, and key governmental entities and nonprofit entities associated with the future management of the site), 2. Presentation of site diagrams for stakeholder review to identify a site plan and programmatic arrangement that maximizes the potential for a communal memorial vision, 3. Development of conceptual designs that incorporate the spirit and vision of the memorial for stakeholder review and input prior to moving forward with a final proposal.

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