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Call For Creative Expressions
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Art is a wound turned into light.” ~ Georges Braque


The 1 October Memorial Committee (“1OMC”) invites anyone with creativity born out of their personal experience, anyone with an idea or design concept for a permanent memorial and any professional artist with interest in contributing to the creation of a memorial, but without the team necessary to participate in the RFQ process, to respond to the Call for Creative Expressions.

Please carefully review Introduction, Our Story, Project & Process Overview for important information and context before responding to Call for Creative Expressions - Intro & Overview.

  • Release Date: July 1, 2022
  • Submissions Due: October 31, 2022 (5:00 p.m. PT)

Everyone is invited to submit, regardless of age, relationship to the tragedy, location, or any other consideration. This unique participation pathway was designed with three intentions:

  1. To encourage anyone to share creativity born out of their personal experience to inspire design team finalists and give the teams a sense of the emotions, feelings and perspectives within the impacted community.
  2. To encourage anyone with a specific idea or design concept for a permanent memorial (or any aspect of a memorial) to share those ideas with design team finalists.
  3. To encourage artists without the team necessary to participate in the RFQ process an opportunity to share with design team finalists their interest in contributing to the creation of a memorial.

Your submission may be seen by the public (unless you opt out). All submissions will be provided to RFQ Finalists, who will be expected to incorporate Creative Expressions into the development of their proposals.

  • Please note: Your name, email and phone number – which are required -- will not be publicly-viewable and provided only to RFQ Finalists. However, any personally-identifying information you include in your attachments will be viewable.

If you are under 18-years of age, your parent or guardian will be required to submit on your behalf. Or a teacher may submit on behalf of their students.

No compensation will be provided for participation in Call for Creative Expressions.


  • You may not respond to Request for Qualifications
  • Limit of one submission per individual or group

Parameters for Submission

  • A letter of intent is required for all submissions, not to exceed 500 words. (Your answer to: Why I am submitting?)
  • Submissions may include any of the following elements:
    • Drawings, schematics, or a narrative (up to 3 separate attachments) depicting your design ideas for the memorial or a specific aspect of the memorial – in JPEG, PNG or GIF format.
      • May include items such as artwork, drawings, paintings, sculptures, pictures or a poem/story, for example.
    • An audio or video recording, not to exceed 60 seconds in length, in MP3 or MP4 format, to explain, describe or otherwise supplement your submission.
      • May include items such as an original song, poem or an explanation of your idea.
    • A resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) – either as an attachment in JPEG, PNG or GIF format OR as a link to a website featuring resume or CV.
    • Portfolio of work – either as an attachment in JPEG, PNG or GIF format OR as a link to a website featuring portfolio of prior work.
  • We want your original ideas. If you submit an idea, song, artwork, poem, picture, etc. legally owned by someone else, you must ensure you have their legal authorization and permission to use and/or submit that idea, song, artwork, poem, picture, etc. before submitting. You should also credit them in your submission.
  • Please use 12-point standard font such as Times Roman or Helvetica for any written attachments to your submission.
  • In total, attachments may not exceed 50 MB in size.

Receipt of Submissions
You will receive an email confirming that your submission has been successfully received. (Confirmation email will come from Please check spam filter if not received within 24 hours of submission.)

Once submitted, you will not be able to change or modify your submission.

Review of Submissions
All submissions will be reviewed by Clark County staff for appropriateness of content. (This is a journey of healing; content which may cause trauma will not be viewable in the gallery, at the sole discretion of the 1OMC and/or Clark County.)

Viewing of Submissions
All submissions will be provided to RFQ Finalists (in the form of a database) for possible inclusion in final proposals. Finalists will be expected to review and include ideas and artists presenting through the Call for Creative Expressions.

The 1OMC may also publicly display your submission and encourage online viewing in October and November 2022, unless you opt out.

Legal Rights
If you are submitting on behalf of a group, the commitments you make through this submission extend and apply to every member of your group.

Any legal rights to designs, concepts, drawings, schematics, or other elements contained in Creative Expression submissions will be unenforceable. You will release all legal rights to your submission and authorize the 1 October Memorial Committee and/or Clark County and their successors in interest to exhibit, publish, reproduce, transfer, and archive any or all parts of it, at their sole discretion.

To submit, please click here or use this QR code - qrc-callforcreativeexpression.
Please note: Submission forms are available only in English.

The 1OMC anticipates a large number of submissions. Ensuring the integrity of this process is a priority. Please be patient and flexible as we navigate in the most efficient and respectful manner possible.

The process to achieve a world-class permanent memorial will be enhanced by your participation. Thank you!