Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will the 1 October Memorial Committee logo be utilized for the memorial and are the colors orange and purple required to be utilized in the memorial?
A: The 1OMC was granted permission by organizers of the Route 91 Harvest Festival to utilize the colors purple and orange, because the colors were significant to those in attendance. The logo was designed by a member of 1OMC and staff for use by 1OMC. There is no requirement that the colors or logo extend to the memorial.

Q: At least two more have died since that night because of injuries sustained that night. How does this impact the total number of 58 victims?
A: LVMPD, the agency responsible to record the official death toll, reports 58 as the death toll from the night of the event. However, at the third annual Sunrise Ceremony, LVMPD acknowledged two additional deaths within that previous year.  The 1OMC is following LVMPD’s lead by acknowledging that the official death toll in the immediate aftermath will remain at 58, but that there were two additional deaths as a result of their injuries in subsequent years.  The memorial is intended to honor all those who were affected, including the official death toll of 58 who died in the immediate aftermath, those who subsequently died as a result of their injuries in the following years, those that were injured, and all who were traumatized and affected in other ways.

Q: Will the permanent memorial be named “1 October Memorial?”
A: No. The name is used only by the Committee for its work. We hope a name for the actual memorial will be offered by Finalists as part of their proposals.

Q: Can “Route 91 Harvest Festival” be utilized as part of the name?
A: Legally, the name belongs to the organizers of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. As partners in our healing journey, they are open to considering utilization of the name as part of the permanent memorial and will maintain sole ability to approve any use.


Q: If I have never been on a RFQ jury before, can I participate?
A: Yes. The Jury will be a seven-member group intentionally designed to include diverse experiences. It will be comprised of six members of the public who represent different stakeholder groups – one family member of a victim, one survivor, one First Responder, three with professional expertise relevant to constructing a memorial and one staff member from Clark County. Training and support will be provided throughout the jurying process.

Q: If I am not selected as an Evaluator, may I participate in the Call for Creative Expressions or RFQ process?
A: Yes.


Q: Can I participate without a resume or CV? What is a CV?
A: Yes, you can participate without a resume or CV. The only requirement for submission of a Creative Expression is a Letter of Intent.  A curriculum vitae (CV) is a full history of academic credentials, experience, certificates and publications. In contrast, a resume is a concise summary of relevant experience and background.

Q: What is a Letter of Intent? Does it need to be 500 words?
A: It is an explanation of your ‘why.’ Why are you interested or motivated to participate in the process? The upper limit is 500 words; there is no minimum length required. If you can state your ‘why’ in one or two sentences, that’s fine.

Q: Where can I view my submission?
A: The gallery will be available for viewing starting July 18. Once you submit, please allow up to 10 days for review before public posting. The link to the online gallery can be accessed on the 1 October Memorial Website and on the web app.

Q: What if I don’t have access to a computer?
A: Clark County Las Vegas Library District, as well as Boulder City, Henderson and North Las Vegas, have joined in support of the 1 October Memorial Committee.  Many of the libraries have computer labs and staff standing by to provide information about the process and are happy to help.

Q: How will my information be used?
A: Please know that your name, email address, and phone number, all of which are required to submit, will only be seen by County staff and design team finalists. Public viewing of your submission is your choice. If you opt-out of public display, your submission will be seen only by County staff and design team finalists. If you choose to share your submission (we hope you do), please be careful to ensure that any documents you upload do not contain personally identifying information you want to keep private. Whatever you upload will be seen by the public. 

Q: How old do I need to be to submit something?
A:  Any age can develop content for submission.  However, content must be submitted by a parent or guardian if under 18.

 Q: Is this only for design ideas for the actual permanent memorial?
A: No, this participation pathway is very broad. The Call for Creative Expressions was designed with three intentions:

  1. To allow anyone to share creativity born out of their personal experience in order to inspire design team finalists and give them a sense of the emotions, feelings and perspectives within the impacted community.
  2. To allow anyone with an idea or a design concept for a permanent memorial or any aspect of a memorial to share those ideas with design team finalists.
  3. To allow artists without the team necessary to participate in the RFQ process an opportunity to share their interest in contributing to the creation of a memorial with design team finalists.

All Creative Expressions will be shared with the design team finalists (up to 5) and, if you choose, will also be viewable by the public in the online Gallery.

Q: What types of ideas or concepts can I submit?
A: Submissions may include elements such as artwork, drawings, paintings, sculptures, pictures, poems, stories, songs, etc. or any other form your creativity takes. As long as you submit within the “parameters for submission,” all creative expressions are welcome. 


Q: How can I get licensing information in the State of Nevada?
A:  For Architects –
      For Engineers –
      For Landscape Architects –

Q: Where is the application for the RFQ?
A: The RFQ process is a formal process through Clark County Purchasing.  The RFQ will be released on August 1st, 2022, and applications will be accepted through the Bonfire system.  Teams will be required to have a Nevada-licensed architect as a member of the team to qualify.