Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will the 1 October Memorial Committee logo be utilized for the memorial and are the colors orange and purple required to be utilized in the memorial?
A: The 1OMC was granted permission by organizers of the Route 91 Harvest Festival to utilize the colors purple and orange because the colors were significant to those in attendance. The logo was designed by a member of 1OMC and staff for use by 1OMC. There is no requirement that the colors or logo extend to the memorial.

Q: At least two more have died since that night because of injuries sustained that night. How does this impact the total number of 58 victims?
A: LVMPD, the agency responsible for recording the official death toll, reports 58 as the death toll from the night of the event. However, at the third annual Sunrise Ceremony, LVMPD acknowledged two additional deaths within that previous year. The 1OMC is following LVMPD’s lead by acknowledging that the official death toll in the immediate aftermath will remain at 58, but that there were two additional deaths in subsequent years because of their injuries. The memorial is intended to honor all those who were affected, including the official death toll of 58 who died in the immediate aftermath, those who subsequently died because of their injuries in the following years, those who were injured, and all who were traumatized and affected in other ways.

Q: Will the permanent memorial be named “1 October Memorial?”
A: No, that is the name used by the Committee.  The name is used only by the Committee for its work. JCJ named its concept the “Forever One Memorial,” but the name of the memorial is still to be determined.

Q: Can “Route 91 Harvest Festival” be utilized as part of the name?
A: Legally, the name belongs to the organizers of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. As partners in our healing journey, they are open to considering utilization of the name as part of the permanent memorial and will maintain the sole ability to approve any use.

Q: What was the design call process?
A: Call for Request for Qualifications Jury- There was a call for RFQ jury members that was comprised of six members of the public who represented different stakeholder groups– one family member of a victim, one survivor, one First Responder, three with professional expertise relevant to constructing a memorial and one staff member from Clark County. Training and support were provided throughout the jurying process.

Call for Creative Expressions- A call for creative expressions was open from July 1, 2022, to Oct. 31, 2022.  The participation pathway was very broad. The Call for Creative Expressions was designed with three intentions:

  1. To allow anyone to share creativity born out of their personal experience to inspire design team finalists and give them a sense of the emotions, feelings, and perspectives within the impacted community.
  2. To allow anyone with an idea or a design concept for a permanent memorial or any aspect of a memorial to share those ideas with design team finalists.
  3. To allow artists without the team necessary to participate in the RFQ process an opportunity to share their interest in contributing to the creation of a memorial with design team finalists.

All Creative Expressions were shared with the five design team finalists and, the people who submitted could choose to make their submission viewable by the public in the online Gallery.

Request for Design Teams (RFQ)- In August of 2022, the Committee released the RFQ for the design teams. This call closed October 31, 2022, with 21 applicants. The RFQ Jury evaluated the applications based on experience. At the December 2022 the 1 October Committee Meeting, five finalists were selected to move on to the Proposal Phase of the project.

Q: Where can I view the submissions?
You can view the Creative Expressions Gallery on the Clark County Website or click here

Q: How did Forever One Memorial by JCJ get chosen?
A: The Evaluation Committee scored each of the design teams individually. All Five teams were required to provide a 45-minute presentation and a project brief booklet that explained further details about the Design Concept Narrative, and Renderings, the Community Outreach Efforts, the Community Engagement Survey, the Envisioned Realm of User Experience, Programming, and Team. In addition, a special focus was on the Mission, Vision, and Goals of the Permanent Memorial and special considerations such as mementos and water usage.

Q: Can “Route 91 Harvest Festival” be utilized as part of the name?
A: Legally, the name belongs to the organizers of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. As partners in our healing journey, they are open to considering the utilization of the name as part of the permanent memorial and will maintain the sole ability to approve any use.

Mission, Vision, and Goals of the project along with the special considerations:

  • Mission Statement for Permanent Memorial
    • To provide a space that will remember the 58 who perished in the immediate aftermath of the 1 October 2017 tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada, and those who succumbed to their injuries, thereafter, honor the survivors and the many heroes who inspired the nation with their bravery, and to celebrate the resiliency and compassion of our community.

  • Vision Statement for Permanent Memorial
    • To provide an experience that brings healing, peace, respect, community, strength, unity, love, comfort, and resilience while educating about the events and impact of 1 October 2017.

  • Goals for Permanent Memorial
    • Convey the magnitude of the tragedy and its far-reaching impacts.
    • Provide an artistic feature that honors the 58 victims who perished.
    • Provide educational and/or artistic components that may offer:
      • Victim biographies
      • Survivor stories
      • Community heroism stories
      • Support for mental health
      • Lessons learned by first responders/hospitality industry.
      • Celebration of country music community
    • Provide an alternative feature to water, to offer tranquility.
    • Provide controlled opportunities to incorporate mementos.

  • Special Considerations
    • Out of regard for the limited water resources in the Las Vegas Valley, design teams must consider alternatives to the use of water, which more than ninety percent of survey respondents supported.
    • Minimize the line of sight to the location where the shooting originated.
    • Survey respondents strongly expressed a desire to leave mementos which was offset by the concern that unrestricted ability to leave mementos will create a burdensome maintenance and management challenge. As a balanced solution, respondents expressed a preference for pre-determined, personalized mementos, incorporated into the design and an option for other types of mementos consistent with special occasions and programming.
    • If applicable, Renewable energy design considerations.
    • The memorial needs to be a stand-alone design.
    • Incorporate a sense of security within the design.
    • Awareness of Nevada’s extreme heat climate.
    • Parking considerations depend on the design.
    • Additional design considerations including artistic features and education about the events emerged as strong priorities among survey respondents. Semifinalists are expected to review all survey results to inform their ultimate design.
    • The engagement and involvement of the impacted community must be a crucial part of the design process. The committee expects that the firm will perform outreach and incorporate community input in development of the design.
    • DESIGN TEAM must review all Creative Expression submissions.

Special Links of Interest
On June 14, 2023, the Five Design Teams Presented their concepts click the link to see those presentations. Presentation Link

On July 26, 2023, the committee accepted the final scores of the memorial designs. July Meeting Link

On September 5, 2023, the Board of County Commissioners accepted the winning design. BCC Link

Q: What are the next steps?
A: With acceptance of the committee’s design recommendation, the Commission directed staff to seek out a nonprofit organization to oversee fundraising, construction, and maintenance of the memorial. An agreement with a nonprofit will need to be approved by the County Commission at a future meeting.

For those who want to donate, please click on the donation link.

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