On the Name “1 October” & Number 58

On the Name “1 October” & Number 58


Two topics the 1 October Memorial Committee continues to receive feedback on are the name “1 October” and the number of victims who perished in the incident and should be honored in a memorial. Both subjects were addressed at our Dec. 23, 2020, meeting (agenda item 5) as part of a discussion item to clarify the purpose of our committee. You may view the entire meeting on our website. We also offer this 20-minute video clip of the discussion, which includes a reference to a statement the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issued following the 1 October anniversary memorial service on Oct. 1, 2020. The statement was sent to news media in response to questions about changing the death toll of the incident from 58 to 60 due to the unfortunate passing of two people who succumbed to their injuries as a result of the attack in the preceding year.  The police department’s statement reads as follows:

When LVMPD is advised that a death is related to the 1 October incident the Department will acknowledge that person at the annual commemorative ceremony. Today Metro recognized the 60 people who have died from injuries related to 1 October. The official death toll from the night of the event remains at 58.

We hope this information may be helpful to the public as we move forward in our efforts to gather input and recommendations for creating a lasting memorial in our community that honors all who were impacted by the incident.

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