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Thank you to the 1 October Memorial Committee, family members, Clark County and the Las Vegas community for the opportunity to propose a design that will fulfill the mission of the permanent memorial, “To provide a space that will remember the 58 who perished in the immediate aftermath as a result of the 1 October 2017 tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada, and those who succumbed to their injuries thereafter, honor the survivors and the many heroes who inspired the nation with their bravery, and to celebrate the resiliency and compassion of our community.” Continue Reading...

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Paul Murdoch Architects
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Paul Murdoch Architects
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Cultural Historian
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Ericka Aviles Consulting
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Community Engagement Continued...

Our community outreach approach has already begun through review of the work of the 1 October Memorial Committee. To familiarize ourselves with the community’s needs and goals, we have reviewed the content on the 1OMC’s website, including results of the 2021 community surveys that has focused the memorial on the values of Remembrance, Respect, Honor, Healing, Unity, Peace, Community and Love.

We have viewed Committee meetings and various videos, each of the Creative Expressions that the community has submitted and have examined additional resources about 1 October. Through the work of the Committee, we understand the vision of the memorial is to provide an experience that brings healing, peace, respect, community, strength, unity, love, comfort, and resilience while educating about the events and impact of 1 October 2017.

The engagement and involvement of the impacted community will be a crucial part of our design process. By interpreting this input, we can design a place of healing and memory that is both informed by direct experience of those who lived through the event and anticipates the needs of the memorial for future generations to remain relevant and meaningful in their lives.

We have composed a team of experts in commemoration and cultural education from around the country blended with team members located in Clark County with local expertise in their respective fields and direct experience of the tragedy. We look forward to meeting stakeholders, community members, City and County staff, seeing the site and its surroundings, visiting the Community Healing Garden, the Clark County Museum, the Resiliency Center and having face to face conversations about how best to build on the considerable engagement that has already yielded strong guidance towards the creation of a permanent memorial.

Following our County-organized meetings in late January 2023, a comprehensive approach plan, led by Ericka Aviles Consulting, will be developed in conjunction with internal and external stakeholders to first identify the available resources and assets currently in place in terms of contact lists, assets, guidelines, and previous outreach efforts. Additionally, we will coordinate meetings and conversations to help en­sure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs and goals of the affected community.

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