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Arts & Economic Prosperity 6

Arts & Economic Prosperity 6


Clark County and Las Vegas are looking to connect to Arts and Culture Organizations in Southern Nevada through the National Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 Study – Phase Two 
If you are an Eligible Arts and Culture Organization, we want to hear from you!

Clark County Public Arts and the city of Las Vegas are in phase two of our participation of the Americans for the Arts:  Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6), the sixth national study of the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry.  

The County and City are assembling a comprehensive list of eligible nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Southern Nevada. THE EXTENDED DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 2.  The information gathered will allow the Americans for the Arts to conduct an economic impact survey of those organizations from January through April 2023.  

The survey will collect information about each organization's revenues, expenditures, physical (in-person) attendance, virtual attendance, staff size, and volunteers. 

In addition, the survey will include diversity and inclusion questions intended to recognize organizations that primarily serve a community of color and organizations that have a chief executive who identifies as a person of color.  

For 25 years, the Arts & Economic Prosperity series will once again document in unprecedented scope and detail the economic power that the arts and culture wield in 395 participating communities representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia—communities ranging in geography, population (1,400 to 4.7 million), and population density (rural to large urban). 

Any arts or culture organization, program, venue, or facility that has received formal nonprofit status from the Internal Revenue Service or 501c3 status is NOT REQUIRED. Any nonprofit status is eligible. 

Other types of eligible organizations include:
  • Municipally owned and operated institutions, programs, venues, and facilities (i.e., City owned museums, gallery, performing arts center, or theater).
  • Government agencies such as the department of cultural affairs or a municipal public art commission.
  • College and university arts and culture venues/facilities (i.e., Galleries, theaters, performing arts centers, museums) and performing/presenting ensembles (Not academic programs/departments such as the College of Fine Arts).
  • Arts and cultural programs that are embedded in non-arts organizations (i.e., cultural programming under faith-based organizations, community/senior centers, health facilities, or libraries). A nonprofit program that operates under a for-profit business is eligible.
  • Fiscally sponsored arts and culture organizations, programs, venues, and facilities.
  • Unincorporated arts and culture organizations, and programs.
    • Organizations that have applied for but have not yet received tax-exempt status or plan to seek tax-exempt status in the future.
    • Small organizations that do not plan to see tax-exempt status (i.e., Community band, local theater club, a volunteer organization)
  • Several non-traditional arts and culture categories are eligible such as humanities organizations; historical/heritage societies, sites, and preservation organizations; libraries; and living collections including zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens.
For-profit/commercial businesses and individual artists are EXCLUDED from the methodology.

To add your organization, please fill out this form here or go to: https://forms.office.com/g/254RS6NxyN

CLICK HERE for detailed definitions of Eligible Nonprofits Arts and Culture Organizations 

For more information and a full list of the communities participating in the AEP6 study, visit www.americansforthearts.org/AEP6.

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