Government Center Amphitheater Rates

Government Center Amphitheater Rates

PLEASE NOTE: The Amphitheater will only be available for rentals on Saturdays & Sundays.

Base Rental Per Event Day
$3,200.00/day (Commercial)
$1,600.00/day (Non-Profit)

Base Rental Load In/Out Per Day
$1,600.00/day (Commercial)
$800.00/day (Non-Profit)

- must provide proper 501C3 paperwork to qualify

Lighting Package $750/day + labor
Sound System $900/day + labor
Truss Roof Cover $300/day + labor

Base rental includes:
One (1) County staff for 8 hours for site supervision;
User is responsible for staff costs over 8 hours or for additional staff.

User will be required to pay for professional cleaning service, and bonded security.

User will pay for a County electrician in accordance with the hourly rates established by the County.

Department theater technicians must be present during use of County power on stage.
User must pay rate of $25 per hour for first 8 hours and $37.50 per hour overtime.
Stagehands are $20 per hour for 8 hours and $30 per hour overtime.

User will be invoiced for these charges.

To reserve the amphitheater email