Winchester Theater



Seating Capacity:  274 (120 floor seats which are movable and 154 fixed bleacher style seats). 
Parking:  Approximately 140
Electricity:  Standard 110 outlets.
Stage:  Proscenium-style stage, approximately 30’ wide, 14’ high at proscenium. Stage depth is approximately 33’, wing spaces are approximately 8.5’, 20 xlr inputs via floor pockets on stage, no fly system.
Lighting:  Leprecon LP-1600 48/96 console, Strand dimmer rack, Anti Proscenium = approximately 15 Strand Leko ellipsoidals, 1st Electric = 6 fresnels, and approximately 4 Strand Leko ellipsoidal specials, 2nd Electric = 6 fresnels and approximately 4 Strand Leko ellipsoidal specials. All Electrics and AP are dead hung, there is no fly system. One Altspot 1,000-watt spotlight. 
Sound System:  FOH - Soundcraft Series Two 32x8 sound console, Hanging speaker cluster = 3 full range and 2 sub Community speakers, BiAmp amplifiers. Monitors – two monitor mixes, 4 Community monitors powered by BiAmp amplifiers and graphic eq. Microphone package contains approximately 12 Shure 58s and 57s, 2 Shure SM81s, one AKG D112, 2 Shure PCC style and 4 DI boxes. Misc. mic stands. Additional FOH equipment = Yamaha SPX 990, dbx 166A comp/limiter, CD player, cassette player, Sanyo Pro UX Projector, DVD player and VHS player. Misc. xlr mic cables
Backstage:  Two dressing rooms, one men’s restroom, one women’s restroom, two large make up areas with sinks, mirrors and vanity lighting. 
Additional:  Kawai 6’4” Grand Piano, 10 Music stands (no music stand lights)
theater-onstage theater-opendressingarea theater-dressingrooma theater-dressingrooma
View from onstage Open dressing area Dressing Room A  Dressing Room B