LV Peruvians Celebrate 2021 Bicentennial Independence

Las Vegas Peruvians Celebrate 2021 Bicentennial Independence
Recognition of Local Figures at Winchester Dondero Cultural Center

The Peruvian Association will recognize local figures in the community and celebrate Peruvian Independence at 7 p.m. on July 28 at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center located at 3130 S. McLeod Drive near the corner of Desert Inn Road. and McLeod Drive. The celebration features the music and dance of Peru along with a formal recognition ceremony. Admission is $10 and tickets are available online at and at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center.

Local dance groups will perform during the celebration including a Marinera dance performance and the traditional tunantada. This dance features multiple characters like the Bostonero and Huatrila and tells the story of the Spanish conquistadors and their interactions with the Peruvian natives.

The marinera will also be performed during the celebration, featuring an alteration of the dance where both members are on foot. Sometimes performed with a woman barefoot and a man on horseback, this dance is a graceful and romantic representation of ancient Peruvian courtship, showing a blend of the many cultures found in Peru.

Those interested may contact the Winchester Cultural Center at (702) 455-7340.