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Hollywood - Early Childhood Enrichment Program

hw-werehiring-special-InterestArts-Craft-TeacherEarly Childhood Enrichment Program


Clark County Department of Parks & Recreation offers an Early Childhood Enrichment Program at Hollywood Recreation. This program provides children with a creative learning experience, social interaction, valuable developmental skills, and independent play opportunities, which will be carried throughout their formal education.

Children must be four (4) years old by September 30 to enroll in the 4-5-year-old class. This standard has been established by the Clark County School District. Children must be toilet trained (no pull-ups) and must perform their own personal hygiene.

How do you and your children benefit from our Early Childhood Enrichment Program?

  • Children develop self-esteem and learn valuable life skills while they're young
  • Meeting and making friends teaches socialization skills and creates memories that last a lifetime
  • Parents can share in the excitement of their children's learning process
  • Playing together instills teamwork and increases communication skills
  • Children's play is essential to the human development process

Please call the center for more information and registration dates for the School Year (702) 455-0566


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