Lifeguard Recruitment

aquatics-hiring-poster-2021Being a lifeguard is an important job as they are responsible for the supervision, safety, and rescue of distressed swimmers. In many cases, lifeguards are first responders and need specified training and equipment to do their duties. Some lifeguards have additional certifications such as a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) that allows them the ability to teach swimming classes.

Becoming a lifeguard with Clark County Parks and Recreation not only allows you to learn and master skills, but it also gives you the opportunity to be a leader by putting you in situations to provide safety information to the general public. Duties for CCPR Lifeguards include: maintaining constant observation/supervision of patrons in Clark County Aquatic Facilities, make quick decisions on situations as they arise to secure the safety of patrons, provide emergency care until the arrival of emergency medical services, perform various maintenance duties to maintain a clean and safe environment, prepares various reports in a timely manner and performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Our lifeguard training classes can certify you to work just about anywhere, but working for Clark County offers you regular breaks, short rotations, a fun working atmosphere, employee recognition programs, and promotions from within.


Participants that take Clark County lifeguard classes will be given an application and set-up with an interview during class. Applicants who have a valid American Red Cross lifeguard certification can fill out an application by going here. Completed applications can be sent to

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