Lifeguard Recruitment

Lifeguard Recruitment

As a Lifeguard, every day you come to work is a day that you save a life. Jumping in to save a swimmer, or enforcing safety rules while on the stand, you will make a difference in the life of every person you interact with. The example you set as a Lifeguard could serve as inspiration for someone else to learn the lifesaving skills you will have mastered, making swimmers safe far beyond your own personal reach.

BECOME A TEAM PLAYERlifeguard-recruitment-pic3
When you work as a Lifeguard with Clark County, you are never alone. You are a critical component of the safety team and others rely on you to act in an emergency. You will build strong bonds with your fellow guards that extend beyond daily work duties. Teams that save lives together, stay together, and those that you guard with often become lifelong friends.

CHALLENGE YOURSELFlifeguard-recruitment-pic1
Lifeguarding is unlike any other job. You don’t just fill out an application and begin saving lives. With Clark County, you will be trained in CPR, First Aid, and Water Rescue Skills all before your first day on the stand. Best of all, all your training is not only FREE but you will get PAID to learn! Being a lifeguard isn’t for everyone, but it is a job for those who put their best foot forward. Becoming a Lifeguard is a great way to show yourself that you can reach your goals.

LEARN LIFELONG SKILLSlifeguard-recruitment-pic2
Becoming a Lifeguard gives you transferable skills that will make you an asset to every team you find yourself on in the future. Lifeguards must be strong leaders, assertive, and most of all, reliable. They are counted on to arrive on time every time because a few moments can make all the difference when they are required to act. You will also interact with the public on a day-to-day basis, naturally developing the confidence that comes with the customer service experience Lifeguarding provides. Do you want to be the type of person that others feel safe and comfortable around? Then Lifeguarding is the perfect job for you!

SO ARE YOU READY?lifeguard-recruitment-pic4
If being a Lifeguard sounds like the job for you, click here to see our application and start your journey toward becoming a member of your community’s safety team! Applications can be filled out electronically and emailed to, OR printed and turned in to your nearest Clark County Aquatic Center.

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