David Sanchez Burr and Danielle Kelly

David Sanchez Burr and Danielle Kelly

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Artist Teams - David Sanchez Burr, Danielle Kelly

David Sanchez Burr is a mixed-media artist, and musician currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Born in Madrid Spain, David began his experimental sound and visual works in Richmond, Virginia while studying at Virginia Commonwealth University.  His current work is based on the study of a materials physical response to natural and man-made processes such as decay, vibration, entropic forces and maintenance. Using constructive and destructive methods the work is induced to be in a constant state of change. His research is applied to performance, installation art, and sculpture, video and sound art and is often site specific. He holds a MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada (2009) and a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond Virginia (1993).



David Sanchez Burr, N O W H E R E R A D I O, mixed-media, found objects and electronics  2011

Danielle Kelly is an artist and writer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She received a BA from Beloit College in Wisconsin and an MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Kelly’s project-based fine art practice ranges from installation to performance, and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, and most recently the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s 2010 Time Based Arts Festival. Kelly is a regular contributor to the Las Vegas Weekly and serves as Chief Operating Officer for the Neon Museum and Boneyard. Watch Danielle Kelly on Youtube here:

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