Jason Adkins and Becky Bosshart

Jason Adkins and Becky Bosshart

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“10 x 10: A creative exchange between visual artists and writers”
Artist Teams - Jason Adkins, Becky Bosshart

Jason Adkins Born in 1973 in Dover, New Jersey Adkins lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jason Adkins’ stacked sculptures, with their nail holes, splintered wood, and other imperfections, utilize minimalist qualities with basic, yet vibrant, colors. Rough, heavy, and dominating, these large structures made from found materials suggest barred enclosures. Working in various sizes, the open frameworks recall the reductive language of Sol Lewitt and Carl Andre. Referencing human confinement and systems of power, they are akin to Peter Halley’s prison or cell paintings from the 1980’s. While there is an element of the sinister, the artist undercuts it with the use of color and classic structure.



Jason Adkins, Confusion Fusion, MDF, spray paint, wood  2011

Becky Bosshart is a graduate student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas working toward an MFA in creative writing. She worked recently as an editorial assistant at the Pittsburgh-based literary magazine Creative Nonfiction, and has covered news and entertainment for several local publications. In 2008, she wrote for Greenspun Interactive, the website of the Las Vegas Sun. She took a year off reporting in 2007 to teach and write English curriculum in Seoul, South Korea. Prior to that, she spent three years as the business reporter for the capital city newspaper in Carson City, the Nevada Appeal. For two years she reported and photographed stories about the Fallon leukemia cluster and the Paiute Shoshone Tribe at the daily Lahontan Valley News. She’s a 2002 graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno’s journalism school, where she completed an internship with NPR news and the Daily Sparks Tribune in Northern Nevada.

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