Jesse Smigel and Alissa Nutting

Jesse Smigel and Alissa Nutting

10 X 10 Exhibit Artist Biographies
“10 x 10: A creative exchange between visual artists and writers”
Artist Teams - Jesse Smigel, Alissa Nutting

Jesse Smigel Local sculptor and co-owner of Blackbird Studios, Jesse Smigel is a born and raised Nevadan, sans his annual summer retreats to northern New Mexico. He is currently finishing his BFA at UNLV, and works as a professional theatrical artist on the Vegas Strip. He has toured The western United States with his sculpture and music with bandmate/brother, Jacob Smigel, constructed work for the Atomic Testing Museum, and been featured on the BBC's "Tech Know". Transition and sadness are his themes. Bubblegum cuteness is his aesthetic. (Dark) humor is his goal. Expanded polystyrene is his favorite material. He loves bugs, cats, and the desert.  



Jesse Smigel, Emerging Derobrachus, hard-coated expanded polystyrene  2009

Alissa Nutting is author of the short story collection Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls (Dzanc/Starcherone 2011). Her work has appeared in Tin House, BOMB, Fence, and other literary magazines. Alissa recently guest-edited a theme issue of Fairy Tale Review: Lost Boys & Lost Girls, and served as fiction editor of the forthcoming print issue of the Black Mountain Institute’s Witness themed around the concept of disaster, both of which will debut in early 2012. She received her doctorate in English from UNLV and is currently an Assistant Professor in Creative Writing at John Carroll University.

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