Shan Michael Evans and Jeffrey Bennington Grindley

Shan Michael Evans and Jeffrey Bennington Grindley

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Artist Teams - Shan Michael Evans, Jeffrey Bennington Grindley

Shan Michael Evans was born 1975 in Phoenix, Arizona but has traversed most of the globe throughout his youth and finding himself here and now in Las Vegas, Nevada.  A self-taught artist favoring self-exploration over traditional technique, Evans had shown interest in the arts as early as age 2 and even still drawing on inspiration from the nonsense style prevalent through out his works. As public reaction came by way of a trilogy of shows in 2003 serving to be his introduction into the Las Vegas arts community, Evans has continued to put on and be a part of many local showings as having his work displayed in showings around the world.  His work has appeared both locally and internationally in publications and his designs featured anywhere from toy design to clothing to local public art endeavors such as 2005 ZAP! Project and the RTC 2006 Wrap It Transit Art Competition.  Through his latest works involving graphic design and giclee printing, Shan Michael Evans continues the message of faith, hope, and love as a purveyor of the digital medium becoming realized as another viable means of self-expression and communication.  



Shan Michael Evans and Jeffrey Bennington Grindley, Scale Model, found objects, paint  2011

Jeffrey Bennington Grindley 30 years young, born and raised in Las Vegas. Co-hosts the Human Experience, a community that raises awareness for local charities and connects people with volunteer opportunities. Networking via a weekly open mic downtown, the Human Experience blends music, poetry, art and philanthropy . His middle name comes from one of two teddy bears his parents got for him before birth. The other bears name was Bola. He thinks words are very nice. They believe in him.

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