Troy Gillett and Dayvid Figler

Troy Gillett and Dayvid Figler

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Artist Teams - Troy Gillett, Dayvid Figler

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Troy Gillett has since renounced all ties to his former country of origin and pledged allegiance to my new home Las Vegas, Nevada. The College of Fine Arts at UNLV and his parent’s garage was the initial draw to come to the place he now calls home.

When enrolled at UNLV, drawing based mediums such as intaglio, and Lithography were the focus of his work. After graduation in 1994 with a BA, the draw of power and prestige were calling. Troy became a Carpenters Apprentice.

Still working in the Construction Industry, you can see some recent work at Troy has high hopes for bridging the gap between Construction and Art. Recent works are more 3-dimensionsal than works completed as a student. New artwork can be viewed at
His most recent public work, Common Thread will be on display at UNLV’s Lied library in commemoration of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.



Troy Gillett, 
Offer, paper  2010

Dayvid Figler is the author of the poetry chapbook Merry Christmas, Jewboy (Kapow!) and the short novel Grope (Future Tense). He is the youngest retired municipal court judge in Las Vegas history, and has performed at many national festivals including Bumbershoot, South by Southwest, and Lollapalooza. His humor commentaries appear on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Watch Dayvid Figler on Youtube here:

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