Various Artists
Monday, August 9 through Thursday, September 16, 2021


Clark County Public Art presents “CityScapes,” a selection of 17 views of the city, ranging from dazzling to surreal. “CityScapes” will be on display Monday, August 9 through Thursday, September 16 at the Clark County Government Center Rotunda located at 500 South Grand Central Pkwy near Charleston Blvd. and the I-15. A closing reception will be held on Thursday, September 16 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

As a city that never sleeps, there are so many ways of framing the incredible and renowned metropolis we get to call home. These drawings, paintings, and photographs give us unique perspectives on Las Vegas, whether it be a commentary on life in the fast lane or an artistic appreciation for our colorful skyline. The 14 artists shown here share their personal visions and memories through unfiltered lenses.

This exhibition has been juried by Joseph Watson, a local narrative painter, and illustrator with over a decade of experience in the Las Vegas Arts District.

Selected artists include Jenny Baham, Dan Brady, Zoe Camper, Lanelle Christman, Ken Flanagan, Cynthia Hamika, Lee Lanier, Ann Lippert, Chelsea Rust, Murbina, Ozzy Villate, Joseph Watson, Yej, and Susan Z.

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