Home, Sweet Home.

Home, Sweet Home.

Home, Sweet Home.



Exhibiting: November 6th – December 21st, 2023
Reception: Thursday, December 21st, 2023 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

At Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery
500 S. Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155
(702) 455-0000

Monday - Thursday from 7:30a - 5:30p
Closed Friday through Sunday

Homes are places of comfort and refuge from the world. They provide a space for yourself, family, friends, and animal companions to create, share a meal, and rest. They provide shelter when the weather gets heavy and can offer plenty of distractions when moods get down. Homes in art have been depicted in many ways throughout the centuries and act as a record of living aesthetics of the past. These pieces often house the artist’s most cherished moments. We invite the audience to look at the artists’ interpretations of what homes are and the houses they would love to inhabit. Let’s come together and create some homes for all to enjoy, love, and find comfort in. Home, Sweet Home!

This exhibition is juried by Susan Henry, a miniaturist who creates intricately themed dollhouses with heavy emphasis on dollhouse lighting. Before Las Vegas, she lived in New York City where she graduated from Pratt Institute, focusing on animation, and worked over a decade in graphic design for film and retail, specializing in projects for toy, cosmetics, and interior decor. Her journey with miniatures began in 2018 with the purchase of an old doll house from ReBar in the Arts District. Since then, she has shown at IMoMA 2022 and Priscilla Fowler Gallery. She was recently accepted into the International Guild of Miniature Artisans in 2023. She currently lives in Las Vegas and works for Nevada Public Radio.

Home, Sweet Home features the following artists: April Bermudez, Brian R. Higgins, Dave Heide, Diego Martinez, Don Michael, Jr., Heather Lang-Cassera, Holly Lay, Jeffrey Bennington Grindley, Julie Meyers, Justin Giordano, Kim S. Uhlik, Lindsey Morales, Lyn Hinojosa, Maria Cavazos, Meghan Pohlod, Narciso Dela Rosa, Nhan Nguyen, Rebecca Reyes, Rishikesh Velkar, Romy Umholtz, Samantha Giddens, Sasha Mosquera, Thomas Bumblauskas, and Xochil Xitlalli.

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