Winchester Past Exhibits

Honor Avi Kwa Ame – Cyanotypes on Fabric
Group Text
Digital Love - Art & Tech : Juried by Luis Varela-Rico
Life & Death The Art Exhibit 2022
Yellow : Version 2022
Vision 2022
Eat Your Heart Out
Life in Death Gallery 2021 Exhibit
Emotional Weather
Vision 2021
Existing In Thought
Celebration of Life in Death
Water in the Desert
Childrens Festival Art Exhibit
Analog Dialogue by Kimberly Miller
1st Gen by Ian Racoma
Am I Great?
GRLRM Collective
Sean Slattery: The First 100 Days
Lucky to be Alive (The Healing Room)
See Touch and Go Dream: The Burning Tapestries
Life in Death Gallery Exhibit
Jennifer Kleven: Urban Naturalism Again
Ginger Bruner: Unnatural Landscapes
Wendy Chambers: Exploratory Surgery
Gail Gilbert: Tethered
Chad Scott: He Said She Said
Eric Vozzola: A Visual Language
Nova May and Joel Spencers Spin
Rachel Stiffs Framing The West
Brent Holmes: Ignominious Refuse
Valentin Yordanov: Terminal
Marlene Siu: Container Theory
Kim Johnson: Wunder Kammer
Allison Streater: Blinded: Awoken
D K Sole: or Some Time Ago
Gig Depio: A Brief History
Cristina Paulos: Rhythm Line and Stroke
Matthew Couper: Horror Vacui
Hillary Price: Cerebral Projections
Bobbie Ann Howell: Vistas and Viewpoints
Sean Russell : Unanimous Decision
Exhibit : Day of the Dead Juried Exhibition
Christopher Tsouras : Drone Series
The Winchester Skate Team : Backside Frontside: An Exploration of Style and Form
Jesse Carson Smigel : The Perfect Future Is Sanitary
Krystal Ramirez: I am Sorry We Lied
Eri King : Buy Kingdom
How To s
Day of the Dead Art Exhibit
Forever No More
Winchester Skate Team Show
Transfiguration Phase
To the Neon Gods They Made
Abraham Abebe : The Other Side of Las Vegas