Transfiguration Phase

Transfiguration Phase

exhibit-transfiguration-phase-3-23-2012-lrgUpcoming exhibition at the Winchester Cultural Center Gallery    

Orlando Montenegro “Transfiguration Phase”
January 27- March 23

Reception: Friday, January 27 5:30-7:30 PM  

Orlando Montenegro’s series of mixed media paintings and drawings explore the body’s relationship to its environment and to the landscape through abstraction.   

The paintings physically merge elements of the figure as cropped, abstracted, disfigured shapes and lines into grounds of atmospheric color, layers and puddles of paint, suggesting networks and ecosystems, artificial landscapes, and topography. The work explores the body’s relationship and bond to its environment through the similarities it shares with natural structures such as the pathways that carry water and nutrients in leaves and the veins that transport blood in the human body.  

The artist is interested in dissolving the boundaries between inside and outside and the integration of the body with the environment as reductions and decompositions of particles that indicate continuity in all creation.  

Orlando Montenegro was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1982 and lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2007, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  He earned his Master of Fine Arts in painting and drawing in 2010 from the University of Arizona in Tucson. He teaches drawing as an adjunct professor at UNLV.

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