Zap 12: Mount Charleston, 2019

Zap 12: Mount Charleston, 2019


Zap 12: On Mt Charleston (2019): 

In late 2018, the idea was proposed to produce a Zap! project on Mt Charleston to help combat graffiti and vandalism to the various utility boxes in the area. The solution was to answer defacement with art; presenting different interpretations of Clark County, while blending the images into the mountain environment.

The Clark County Public Arts program worked with our Zap 12 project partners and stakeholders: Commissioner Larry Brown, Mt. Charleston Town Advisory Board, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, US Forest Service, NV Energy and Las Vegas Valley Water District, and the artist call went out in the summer of 2019.

By late summer, the 12 strategically-located project boxes were divided among the 4 selected Zap 12 artists:

  • Clint Brill  – Group #3
  • Jorge Ceja (Vezun) – Group #2
  • Aniko Doman – Group #4
  • Brenda Talley – Group #1

Then the designs were created. Painting of the Zap 12 boxes launched in the fall and due to winter weather on the mountain, the Zap 12 project dedication will be scheduled for spring 2020.   

Online Education Resource

The artists of Zap 12 have created a resource guide for inspiring Zap Artists and enthusiasts. Please enjoy.

To learn more about Zap! programming and other Clark County public art, please contact and visit:

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