Zap 15! : At The Stadium

Zap 15! : At The Stadium


Clark County Parks & Recreation and Clark County Public Arts presents ZAP! 15 at the Stadium

Earlier this year, a special edition of the ZAP series was created to celebrate the arrival of the upcoming Super Bowl in 2024. The Allegiant Stadium along with Commissioner Michael Naft has been working with the Clark County Public Arts Office to select seven local artists to design and paint the utility boxes around the Allegiant Stadium.

Please meet our ZAP 15 artists:


Proposed Design:



Proposed Design:



Proposed Design:



Proposed Design:



Proposed Design:



Proposed Design:



Proposed Design:


Next to each artist bio is their proposed designs for their boxes. If you would like to send any feedback, questions, concerns, or a comment please send them through our email address: with the subject “ZAP 15! At the Stadium Feedback”.

Painting of ZAP! 15 will begin this month and is scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2023. A dedication will follow the completion of the project.

Before designing the artwork for the boxes, artists hosted workshops at our local high schools. Each artist worked with selected high school students to create artwork through a learning experience.

zap15-cody-k-wombold-ex1 zap15-cody-k-wombold-ex2

Cody K Wombold at Del Sol Academy. Educator Dave Heide.


Julia Hall at Las Vegas Academy. Educator Kelly Mabel.

zap15-matthew-murphy-ex1     zap15-matthew-murphy-ex2

Matthew Murphy at Desert Oasis High School. Educator Carl Hayes.

zap15-mili-turnbull-ex1     zap15-mili-turnbull-ex2

Milica Turnbull at Coronado High School. Educator Melissa Robertson.

(no photos)

Miguel Rodriguez at Durango High School. Educator Caitlin Sparks.

zap15-sameer-asnani-ex1     zap15-sameer-asnani-ex2

Sameer Asnani at Las Vegas High School. Educator Katie Corrow.

zap15-vezun-ex1     zap15-vezun-ex2

Matthew Murphy at Desert Oasis High School. Educator Carl Hayes.

After the workshops were complete, the VP of the Allegiant Stadium Operations gave our artists and staff members a private tour of the stadium. Inside, the artists had the chance to explore and view the 100+ artworks that lined the walls of the stadium.

zap15-pic1     zap15-pic2

Matthew Murphy at Desert Oasis High School. Educator Carl Hayes.

Special thanks to Commissioner Michael Naft, Allegiant Stadium, Clark County Art Committee, our stakeholders: Clark County Public Works, Las Vegas Valley Water District, Nevada Energy, ZAP 15 Jury Panel, participating Clark County high schools, educators, students, and the community.

ZAP! is funded by Percent for the Arts and made possible by Clark County Parks and Recreation.

For more information about the ZAP! Program, please visit our website:

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ZAP! Program


Map of ZAP! 15 at the Stadium


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