ZAP! 13 - Blue Diamond

Call for Artist(s)
ZAP! 13 Blue Diamond

Application Deadline: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 by 5:00 PM

Scope of work:
Clark County Public Art is seeking up to 12 artists to design, prepare and paint utility boxes along Blue Diamond. The County expects the project to be completed by December 2022.
The location of the utility boxes will be on Blue Diamond, from Fort Apache to Dean Martin.


  • This project is an entry-level public art project that is open to artists who are 18 years or older and not an employee of Clark County. If artist has been awarded a Clark County ZAP! Project before, they are ineligible to apply. This program is intended as an entry-level project, as such no public art background is needed.
  • Artwork cannot be pornographic, political, contain nudity, violence, or other images not appropriate for a general audience.
  • Attend or watch the workshop through WebEx. If unable to attend, you can review it on the website after the workshop date.
Event Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Event Time: 10:00 AM PDT

Project Budget:
The commission shall not exceed $1,200 per box. This price shall cover all costs of the project to include but not be limited to artist’s fees, travel, design, prepare surfaces, paint, clean up and photographic documentation.
  1. First Milestone: Artists will create design(s) and submit electronically for approval. Artist may be requested to rework design at the stakeholder’s request. Artist must attend an Open House and give a presentation on the designs proposed. At the Open House, artist will check out supplies needed for the project. Upon design approval, artist will be paid 50%. This amount is intended to pay for supplies needed to paint the project.
  2. Second Milestone: Artist will prepare utility boxes, paint, anti-graffiti, clean up area, document and return supplies to the public art office. Upon arrival of final artwork, artist will be paid 50%.
Submittal Requirements:
Name Type # of Files Requirement
Cover Letter File Type: PDF (.pdf) One Required
Letter of Intent File Type: PDF (.pdf) One Required
Experience (CV, Resume, Biography) File Type: PDF (.pdf) Multiple Required
5 Previous Work Examples File Type: PDF (.pdf) 6 Pages Total. 5 Artworks,
1 Annotated Image List

1. Letter of Intent:
Include why you would like to take part in the ZAP! Program, what your connection is to the area, and what you intend to paint. Please attach the cabinet template (found on website) with your design idea as part of your letter.
2. Experience:
A CV or resume (up to 2 pages), formatted as a PDF. List any applicable licenses, gallery and public art experience.
3. Previous Work:
a. Include image list. Artist must submit 5 digital images of most recent relevant work in one PDF document format. All images must be saved using a file name and number that corresponds to the Annotated Image List. Each digital image must feature a single work. Composites of various artworks in a single image will not be considered. Only include images that are relevant to this project. Do not submit drawings, watercolors, non-acrylic paintings.
b. Include an annotated image list. Each project listed shall include a thumbnail of the corresponding image, title of artwork, location, date of completion, dimensions, medium / materials / paint type, budget, and brief description.

Artists will be selected from the following criteria:
• Letter of intent
• Quality of previous work
• Only applications that have all requirements and have been submitted in one email with all attachments in the format of PDF including images of artwork will be accepted. Embedded files and links will not be accepted unless permission is granted by staff. Reach out to staff before the deadline for help if you are having problems sending email.

Selected Artist will be notified by Tuesday, October 11, 2022.
Once artists are selected, they will be required to submit a one paragraph biography that is no more than 50 words and one (head shot) JPEG photograph of your face only. This photo will be used for marketing, but more importantly, it will be sent to the Metropolitan Police Department to notify the area patrol that the artist will be painting boxes in the area.

If you have additional application questions, please contact:

Cover Sheet ZAP 13 Blue Diamond (PDF)
ZAP Traffic Utility Cabinet Template (PDF)
Application Workshop (YouTube)